Mitsubishi Motors Azerbaijan



Detailed information

Mitsubishi Motors Azerbaijan” is the official and only distributor of “Mitsubishi” brand in Azerbaijan. You can buy a car by cash, transfer or affordable credit conditions. 

In service centers all kinds of repair of Mitsubishi automobiles are carried out.

There is store of original spare parts in Mitsubishi Service Center.

By presenting AMAK membership card everyone gets 10% DISCOUNT for service and spare parts.

To receive Bonuses and Discounts, you have to show your AMAK membership card.

AMAK+ partner may refuse to make a discount, if you do not show your membership card.

In order to receive bonuses from partners, you have to pay 100% price of products or service.

At partners offering discount, the price will be calculated according to the discount and the member will pay discounted price for products or service.

Bonus and Discounts will not be calculated if they coincide with the services that the partner offers.

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