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Frequently asked questions about AMAK services are collected below. If your question is not mentioned in this list, you may contact us directly.

  • About AMAK
    • What is AMAK?

      Azerbaijan National Automobile Club, founded in 1999, is a public association that became a full member of the International Automobile Federation, with more than 80 million members and more than 235 member clubs from 140 countries. Membership in FIA grants AMAK an access to a broader international experience and exchange of knowledge in the field of mobility, as well as the opportunity to apply this experience and knowledge in Azerbaijan, participate in international projects, etc.

      According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, every eight minutes a child loses his/her life during a traffic accident. The mortality of children because of traffic accidents is becoming an epidemic and, unfortunately, these figures are expected to increase due to population growth and travel. As one of the main activities, working with the Central Traffic Police Department, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health (ISIM), “Hayat” International Humanitarian Organization, the Embassy of the United Kingdom, the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Development Transport (EASST), the International Automobile Federation , ADA University, Baku Engineering University, "Avtostop" Media and other organizations for the development of a road culture among drivers and pedestrians AMAK promotes road safety through various educational, training and research projects, international campaigns.

    • What services does AMAK provide?

      AMAK provides its members with 24/7 road assistance services, automobile-mobility services and consultations of licensed service providers, training programs and exclusive bonus and discount programs.

      For more information on AMAK services, please contact us through our 24/7 Call Center * 5858 or visit the website

    • What is FIA?

      Founded in 1904 The International Automobile Federation, consists of 235 automobile and sports car clubs from 140 countries, with more than 80 million members. The purpose of FIA is to provide all people with access to safe, suitable and clean transport system. More information about FIA can be found at


  • Information Sources
    • How to get information on AMAK services?

      Information on AMAK services can be obtained by contacting us through our 24/7 Information Center, calling *5858 or by visiting the website For regular updates of the latest news and offers, you can register with an e-mail on our web page. 

  • Membership
    • Who may become a member of AMAK?

      To become a member, an individual must reach the age of maturity, has the right to drive, manage, and / or dispose the vehicle, and / or lack all above mentioned, yet possess AMAK  membership package.

    • How to register and get a membership card?

      Registration and ordering a membership card can be done at Payment can be made with a bank card online, cash payment directly or with gift card.

      To receive a membership card and personal cabinet, you must select the "Registration" button at the top right of the website and enter your personal information. By doing this you are ordering a membership card.

      You can follow information and operations on your membership packages from your personal cabinet.

    • How to make a payment?

      Registration and ordering a membership card can be done at Payment can be made with a bankcard online or with cash payment directly. You can receive detailed information on payment by calling 24/7 Information Center at *5858 or visiting

    • How much is the membership fee?

      Starter package is free of charge. Pro membership package is 99 AZN; VIP is 299 AZN.

    • How AMAK membership card will be delivered?

      After completing the payment, the AMAK membership card will be delivered to your address within 10 business days.

    • When I will be able to use AMAK membership card?

      AMAK membership card will activate after online registration and then you can use it.

    • When will the AMAK membership card expire?

      The period of use for Pro and VIP cards is 1 (one) year. The period of use for Starter card is 90 days. All privileges, including bonuses and discounts, will be canceled upon expiration of the membership card.

      Following the expiration of the usage period or following the usage of all included services with limited numbers, users may use the same services with discounted prices.

    • / I haven’t used some free services, but the date has expired and the card has been deactivated. Can I use these services after resuming my membership in AMAK?

      Unfortunately, no. Unused services can’t be used after the expiration of the membership package, because these services will not be redirected to the next year. However, if you renew your membership package within one month after the expiration date, you can use your bonuses next year.

    • What if I use some free services that are included in the AMAK membership package before expiration date?

      After using some free services in a membership package, a member can use the same services on discount prices.

  • What is the invitation code?
    • What is the invitation code? How does it work?

      AMAK Referral System is very simple. An existing AMAK member can recommend to a friend  to become an AMAK member. When registering for AMAK membership, this new member writes the membership code of the existing AMAK member in the field of "Invitation code", the s/he will get 10% discount. At the same time, a bonus of 10% of the total cost of the membership package will be added to the bonus balance of the existing AMAK member.

  • Road Assistance Service
    • What is the roadside assistance service and how can you use it?

      Roadside Assistance is meant to be provided directly in the car, when small technical malfunctions happen. This includes battery charging, tire change, damaged tire repair, indicators replacement, engine oil fill, replacement of light bulbs, replacement of windscreen wipers and filling of water container, coolant fill, replacement of electronic key battery, replacement of system guard, fuel delivery, and so on.

      AMAK members are provided with temporary repair services in Baku and Khirdalan cities within 24 hours a week. Our goal is to provide a temporary repair of the car on the road but, if this is not possible, your car will be towed to the nearest car repair center.
      To make full use of this service, you must call *5858, otherwise AMAK will not cover the emergency services provided.

      Your membership card must be with you and must be submitted upon request. If the membership card is not submitted, AMAK has the right to refuse the provision of the service.

      Emergency service is available in Pro package for 5 times, and in VIP package for unlimited times, free of charge. This service is not included in the Starter package. However, Starter members can pay and use this service.

      Note: You can benefit from this service at discounted price even if you exceed the limit.

    • How long will it take for the roadside assistance to come, following the request?

      We try to provide the roadside assistance service as soon as possible after you request it. The execution time depends on several conditions, such as the time it takes to reach your car's location, the correct coordinates, traffic jams, etc.

    • Which services does 24/7 contact center *5858 provide?

      If there is a problem with the car, AMAK members must call 24/7 information center and provide information about the malfunction. AMAK experts will try to solve problems related to your automobile, by phone. If your problem cannot be resolved by phone, our roadside assistance team will be sent to your car. If the team still won’t be able to solve the problem, your car will be towed to a service center or other location of your choice.

      Note: Members, who contacted the service center directly, without requesting assistance from AMAK information center, take full responsibility for financial obligations.

  • Towing Service
    • How to use Towing Service?

      After the towing of your vehicle, it can be delivered to one of our service centers for repair or to any other location at of your choice; we can also deliver it to your home address. In all cases, the driver covers repair cost.

      Towing service is arranged free of charge and offers delivery of your vehicle to any point of Baku or Khirdalan, if the distance does not exceed 25 km.

      This service can be used certain number of times, depending on the membership package. We kindly ask you to read carefully the terms and conditions of your membership package.

      Note: If you exceed the limit on the use of towing services, you can use the services as many times as you want on a paid basis.

    • In which cases towing service is not provided?

      Towing service is available in all situations, except the ones restricted by law.

    • How long will it take for the for the evacuation service to come, following the request?

      We are trying to provide Towing Service as soon as possible after you apply. It depends on several conditions, such as the time it takes to reach your car's location, the correct coordinates, traffic jams, etc.

  • Tire Change Service
    • How to use tire service?

      Tire change: includes tire change on the road, with the spare tire provided by car’s owner. This service is included in the membership package.

      Repairing Damaged Wheel: is carried out on a paid basis. Not included in the service membership package.

      Note: If you exceed the limit, you can use tire service with discount.

  • Spare Fuel Service
    • How to use fuel delivery service?

      If your car suddenly runs out of gas, we can provide you with spare fuel (10 liters), so that you can reach the nearest gas station. In this case, you must pay only for fuel upon delivery.

      The number of services provided may vary depending on package. Starter user may take advantage of this service with discount prices too.

      Note: If you exceed the limit, you can use tire service with discount.

  • Washing Service
    • How to use car washing service?

      AMAK members can benefit from washing service offered by AMAK service partners.

      Members can use this service with discounts.

  • Computer diagnostics service
    • How to use computer diagnostics service?

      If you are planning to take a long journey or want to ensure the technical readiness of your car for the winter season; or if you are suspicious about the technical condition of your car, you can use our diagnostic service.

      This service can be used certain number of times, depending on the membership package. For this reason, we ask you to read carefully the terms and conditions of your membership package.

      Note: If you exceed the limit for using the Diagnostics Services, you can benefit from the services as many times as you want with discounts.


  • Cancellation of the order
    • Can I cancel the order?

      If AMAK member cancels an order within 10 minutes after the technical group is sent, this service will not be removed from the membership package.

      If the cancellation of the order is made 10 minutes after sending the technical group on the place, even if the order is canceled, the service will be removed from the membership package.

      If our technical group is sent for the roadside assistance and a member is not near the car, they will be waiting for him only for 10 minutes.

      After 10 minutes, if it is impossible to contact the member, our technical group has the right to refuse to provide service. In this case, the service will be deleted from the membership package.

  • New and Seasonal Offers
    • What is new and seasonal offers?

      Depending on the season and available agreements signed between AMAK and its partners, our members will have opportunity to enjoy our new and seasonal offers. These services include rental of automobile equipment, advantageous campaigns organized by AMAK, and so on. More detailed information about these offers will be sent to all members of AMAK by email or by SMS.

      For more information about these services, please call our information center *5858 or visit

      Stay up to date with the latest news! Sign up for updated notification via or send your request to


  • Refusal to Provide Service
    • In which cases do the services may be canceled?

      AMAK may refuse to serve members. These situations are as follows:

      • Weather conditions are very unacceptable and dangerous for services (icy roads, etc.);
      • When it is impossible to approach the car to which the service should be provided (if the car is out of the way, it is inaccessible);
      • If the owner of the vehicle is not near the car to be served (for example during evacuation, etc.);
      • If the AMAK member is acting in dangerous, aggressive, or unacceptable manner;
      • If an accident occurs and the police insist on service not being
  • Annulment of Membership Card
    • In which cases can membership card be annulled?

      AMAK membership card can be annulled in the following cases:

      • In case of misusing the AMAK information center services;
      • In case of inappropriate behavior of AMAK member during the service;
      • Gross violation of the AMAK membership terms and conditions;

      Note: Every driver who purchased AMAK membership package must be familiar with AMAK membership guides and the rules for using AMAK bonuses and discount programs. If you have any questions regarding these documents, please call 24/7 information center *5858.

  • Bonus Program
    • What is the bonus program and how can I take advantage of it?

      AMAK members can join our loyalty program by shopping in our partners’ recreational and entertainment centers. As a part of the program, bonuses are collected during shopping and you can exchange them to various gifts on

      To check your balance, please visit our website Look at the panel of bonus in your personal cabinet.