How can a proper infrastructure fight with infractions?

Apr 10,2019 - NEWSARTICLES
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Cars parked on the sidewalks in Baku are a big problem and unfortunately, it has become massive. The worst thing is that many people do not care about it. This situation has become so usual that it does not surprise people as it should. Nonetheless, recently, photos of cars parked on the sidewalk and furious comments are often seen on social media channels. Why? Recently, ramps have been put on the streets, and this is a very good thing. However, there are drivers that park on the sidewalk using these ramps. For instance, as in these images:

Meanwhile, some of the drivers park just in front of these ramps causing challenges to preventing pedestrians to cross. For instance, in the image below:

First, let’s talk about railings in pedestrian crossings.

Railings create a problem not only for disabled pedestrians but also for everyone. Additionally during road crashes these railings can become a source of danger when a car hit to them because metal cuttings occurred as a result of crashes can hit pedestrians and create health problems for them.

Infrastructure methods can be used to fight with infractions.

Many of you would say that these drivers should be fined by the police. Of course! However, in addition to active struggle, urban infrastructure can save itself from infractions.

As a starter, special pillars should be used to prevent ramps from an entrance to the sidewalk.

Such kind of pillars is used in the number of countries, in Baku the pillars to prevent parking were being used since last year. However we have to mention that in many cases pillars were put in sidewalks – in the places that are allowed to park, but in necessary places, they don’t exist.

There are no functional points of railings used in the city of Baku. In general, fencing the streets is not a good idea, but if it is necessary, for example, it can be done in front of schools. Railings can also be used to properly regulate the flow of pedestrians, but they have to be applied in exceptional cases.

How to fix the parking problem in front of ramps? Very easy, it is only necessary to arrange special ledge on the streets where parking is allowed. Like in the image below:

There are two functions of these ledges: first, this path is artificially narrowed and the drivers see the pedestrians better. The second function is to block parking in the intersections and pedestrian crossings. 

In addition to that ledges are useful for a comfortable gathering of pedestrians and decreasing density in a dense part of intersections.

In reality, these types of crossings seem like this.