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Police Training on “Comprehensive Data Collection & Dissemination” and “Communication with Road Users & Modern Enforcement Approach”

20 December 2019 - PROJECTS

On 17-18th of December, 2019 AMAK organized a 2 day training by Sergei Diaconu, Regional Director of EASST for police officers at the State Road Police Department in Baku, Azerbaijan. On the first day of training 20 police officers from Road Patrol Service actively participated and interacted during the session. In parallel, Road Police Officers from Barda, Shemkir, Shamakhi and other regions of Azerbaijan joined the training session via video conference. The representative of EASST shared their knowledge and experience and gave a presentation on the best practice on data collection and its dissemination, and highlighted the importance of recording detailed data on road crashes and their proper usage.

On the second day of the training, police officers from Road Safety Awareness, Public Relations and Road Patrol Service Departments participated and exchanged knowledge on communication with Road Users, especially with social media bloggers and media. The Head of Road Patrol Service Kamran Aliyev also shared his experience with Serghei Diaconu and other participants and noted that they were currently working on the modern approaches of collecting data, as well as, organizing communication trainings for police officers on a regular basis.

At the end of the second day all 39 training participants were awarded with certificates and other symbolic gifts from partner organization EASST.