“Road safety education at schools”

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As a follow up of the “Road safety Education at schools for 2018-2019” and "Child Safety in Cars" projects, on December 20 and 21, 2018 AMAK held meetings with first, second and third graders, their parents and teachers of the secondary schools’ number 176 of Yasamal, number 165 of Khatai and number 128 of Sabunchu districts.

During the meetings road safety videos were presented to participants and at the same time discussions on importance of child seats, using pedestrian crossing by children, the role of parents in the awareness of children about road safety and adding road safety as a subject to curriculum were held.

During the discussions, parents highlighted the importance of including road safety sessions into the national education program. They also shared their concerns about missing traffic signs around schools, traffic lights near pedestrian crossing that do not function properly, and location of bus station that is far from schools as well as suggestions on how it all could be improved.