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Roadside assistance service

Roadside assistance service is provided to eliminate minor technical malfunctions directly and in operative manner. Included into service are: battery replacement, tire change, damaged tire repair, engine oil fill, replacement of light bulbs, replacement of windscreen wipers and filling of water container, coolant fill, electronic key battery replacement, replacement of electrical system guard, and so on.

The Roadside assistance service is not intended for vehicles that are in an emergency or had been in an accident. In this case, AMAK may mediate the evacuation of the vehicle to service center. Roadside assistance service is available 24 hours a day in the cities of Baku and Khirdalan.

Our goal is to provide a temporary repair of the car on the road but, if this is not possible, your car may be evacuated to the nearest car repair center.

In the contact center, the technical team will try to solve the car-related malfunction by phone. If this is not possible, a technical worker will be sent to your car's location. If the technician cannot repair your car, your car will be evacuated to either your service center or any other address according to your choice.

To make full use of this service, you must call *5858, otherwise AMAK will not cover services requested by the driver.

The number of uses of this service varies depending on the membership packages. 

Note: You may use this service at a discounted price even if you exceed the service limit included into your package.

For more information on services and services prices, please visit or call *5858.


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