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Towing service

Once the vehicle has been towed, it may be delivered to one of our service centers for repair or another service center on your request. We also can provide delivery to the home address. In all cases, the driver covers car repair costs.

The towing service is free of charge up to 25 km, envisages delivery to anywhere in Baku and Khirdalan cities. If the distance traveled is more than 25 km, the member must pay for the extra distance.

We try to provide the evacuation service as soon as possible after the request. The provision of service depends on a number of conditions that will allow us to reach the location of your vehicle, which include correct coordinates, traffic jams and so on. Except for cases restricted by law, the towing service is always provided.

If you call to AMAK Contact Center *5858 for using the service, please provide the following information:
- Your vehicle's registration mark
- Your vehicle’s current location

Additionally, AMAK will provide Pro members with a taxi and VIP members with a car for a day if your car will not be functional for some time.

Note: You may use this service at a discounted price, even if you exceed the service limit included into your package.

For more information on services and services prices, please visit or call *5858.


Prices: Towing / Roadside assitance services


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