" State Road Safety Program "

Jan 29,2019 - ARTICLES
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Finally, in December 27, 2018 in Azerbaijan State Program on Road Safety or in other word national action plan was approved. The Program covers the period of 2019-2023 and its strategic objectives are followings:

  • reducing the number of deaths in road crashes by 30%
  • reducing the number of injuries in road crashes by 30%
  • reducing the number of road crashes by 30%
  • reducing the number of infant deaths by 50%

To achieve these strategic objectives, it is planned to implement a number of categorized activities:

  • Road safety management

Many of the problems in the field of transport are derived from the lack of effective cooperation between agencies and incoordination. More attention should be paid to supervision mechanisms in this area. Road safety demands new standards and approaches. Here it is intended to establish state register of motor roads, interactive electronic map of the motor ways network, interactive map of crash-hazardous road areas and hot spots, electron database of road crashes, map of placement of existing traffic lights, road signs, engagement lines and other technical means related to road traffic organization and railway crossing and other electron databases. Synchronization of these databases with each other is essential.

  • Safe roads and traffic management

Urban infrastructure and roads should be designed much safer. This includes all aspects: sidewalk, pedestrian crossings, driving lines, movement control and etc.  Human factor is important in safe traffic organization. So sudden human mistakes should not lead to disasters. 

  • Safe vehicles

Vehicles should also provide safety, this applies to cars, buses and other vehicles. Technical-safety of vehicles and removal of obsolete vehicles from the roads are one of the key issues. State standards should require from drivers to have seat belts, air bags, modern brake systems, child car seats and secure buffers.

  • Safe road users

Working with people and also influencing their behaviors is one of the most difficult problem. However, it is necessary to train drivers, conduct regular propaganda, promotion and awareness campaigns.

  • Post-crash measure

People need to know the basics of first aid. If a road crash occurs, victims should be provided with first aid as soon as possible.

We would also like to talk about some of the activities of the State Program.

Ensure the compliance of activities in the field of urban building and construction with the requirement of road safety

This action is about design, construction, reconstruction of construction facilities and improvement compliance criteria of the road infrastructure in accordance with road safety requirements. We should note that new rules should be developed on compliance of areas with road infrastructure and these issues should be reflected in the General Plan of Baku city that is being preparing now.

Distribution of transports by types of transport and ensuring interconnection of different types of transport

This article is about integrated transport system. Integrated transport system creates easy opportunities for passengers to use all transport vehicles. System increases the number of passengers by making use of transport easier.

Meanwhile, in the program it’s envisaged to increase the number of urban public transports, to research organizational possibilities of trams, passenger shipping and economic efficiency, to prepare proposals in this field and create single transport strategy of Azerbaijan Republic. Let’s note that this issue is very actual, especially for Baku city and special transport strategy or document on transport policy for compliance of city with road infrastructure should be prepared. 

Optimization of permissible speed limits on motorways and optimization of speed limit of vehicles in accordance with the characteristics of the road-traffic network within residential areas

Nowadays in streets and prospects of all developed cities of the world the speed limit is 50 km/h (in quiet streets speed limit is 20-30 km/h). In urban streets 80-90 km/h speed limit cannot even be said. It is noteworthy that it is not sufficient to reduce speed limit, the traffic along the urban streets should be regulated. 

Organization and regulation of safe movement of pedestrians

This is a very important issue as in Azerbaijan the majority of deaths in road crashes are among pedestrians. The main reason of this problem is streets and avenues with high speed limit, highways that pass through residential areas, as well as improperly organized or generally inaccessible crossings.

Increasing the capacity for vehicle mobility and reducing movement density

It is impossible to fight with traffic jams by increasing the capacity of roads. Not any city has yet achieved this, but passenger capacity of the street-road network can be increased. This does not mean there is no need for new road constructions, nevertheless these steps should influence on directing traffic flow to outside from the city centers and better coordinating of street-road network. Thus, it is possible to reduce the movement of vehicles in the city.

Creating bicycle lines and stops

We should understand that creation of bicycle lines and stops is a very important issue. Hence, bicycle is a more effective transport mean than just an entertainment or sport. Bicycle lines are not just a matter of painting, they should be designed with great sensitivity and network should be organized related in relation to  it.

Improvement of public transport movement

This is about the construction of special movement lines for buses in streets and avenues and express lines for buses in Baku and surrounding cities, towns and villages.

Promoting the use of ecologically clean vehicles

By this, it is envisaged promotion of the use of ecologically clean vehicles with electric motors.

Analysis of opportunities for using autonomous vehicles

Autonomous (unmanned) vehicles are called a new transport revolution. This article provides the improvement of legislation for the purpose of organizing the movement of mentioned vehicles and resolution of other organizational and legal issues.

Organization of vehicle utilization and improvement of technical condition of vehicles and their periodic technical regulations.

Thus, according to this program technical review will not be carried by State Road Police and therefore, private technical review centers will carry out this duty, nonetheless, if these private centers violate the technical review rules, they will be brought to justice.